Over 10 years, our Made of Money project has found that untangling our feelings and the relationships involved with money is key to bulding on people's money skills. This approach has been so successful that since 2008 we've trained other organisations across the UK to use Made of Money in a way that suits them and the needs of the people they support.  

Award-winning training and resources

We can give you ready-to-use resources and teach you to use them in two days. In fact, our courses supply you everything you need to deliver flexible content around savings, credit, debt, communication, coping with consumer culture, and children & money through workshops or as part of one to one work.

Our award winning materials and training gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to start making a difference to your community, with a wide range of clients. 

Our fees are reasonable, offering a sliding scale  from £100 to £350 basis depending on the size of your organisation, with in house options also available.

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Independently evaluated

Our national training programme was independently evaluated in 2013. The evaluation found that the programme had a notable impact on the beneficiaries of those professionals trained. It was helping them to enhance their awareness, knowledge and confidence about money issues, feel more in control about money and improve their emotional wellbeing around money.

It also changed their attitude and behaviour towards money, including improved money management, changing shopping habits, avoiding high interest loans, reducing energy use and setting financial goals.

From housing associations to credit unions

Our training sessions have benefited local authorities, housing associations, children's centres, credit unions, faith groups, money advice centres, and community groups.

Anybody who has a need, or duty to help those they work with with issues around money, can simply pick up this training and get started. 100% of trained facilitators would recommend the training to another organisation.

Over 350 organisations have joined us

To date we have trained more than 800 people from over 350 organisations at 100 plus training events. Why not join the growing band of Made of Money trained workshops facilitators and start making an difference to your community.

Can’t join an existing two day training? Lots of people within your organisation want to come? Then talk to us about setting up a training for your organisation. It is an ever-increasing circle of benefit that spreads geographically, but also from parents to children and within friends and families.

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Jackie's story
Jackie took a facilitator training in 2013. "The trainers were very professional and got people involved" she says. Since then she has run four courses using the materials and methods "I have had excellent feedback for the past four courses that I have delivered".

Now she is branching out in the ways that she uses the materials. "I have had discussions with the illegal moneylenders team in gateshead and they would be interesting in coming on board to give a talk about loans and the like when the course is running."

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