Imagine a place without a sofa, a bed, a table. Would it still feel like home?

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Furniture poverty is a very real issue in east London today. Individuals and families moving into a permanent house from temporary accomodation, a period of homelessness or fleeing an abusive situation can find themselves in houses that are inadequately furnished.

In the 18 electoral wards in which QSA operates Homestore 40% of children are growing up in poverty, no wonder then, that 63% of people who come to us for furniture are buying items they do not have in their home. That includes the basics like beds, tables, fridges, and sofas.

The difference Homestore makes

"Homestore was our lifeline" - see the difference your support made to Afham's family when they moved into an empty home. Your support reaches over 2,000 people each year at Homestore. Learn more about Homestore's impact in the past year. 

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Homestore is just one project that QSA runs in response to poverty.