Bearing witness, making voices heard

Doing the work that we do, we have the pleasure of meeting many extraordinary, imaginative and engaged people. Unfortunately some of these people feel that they have no direct link with those that make major decisions about their lives.

Some of those we meet - who live on a low income, feel socially isolated, have sporadic or insecure employment, have been homeless or in prison -  feel that nobody will listen to their stories or bear witness to their everyday experiences.

We wish to build a platform from which they can tell their own stories, and we can empower them to create positive and effective change in their lives. For this reason we have undertaken our first national campaign.

Fair Funerals Campaign

Costs are soaring whilst state support is dwindling.

What are we doing?

  1. Educating people about their choices so they can avoid funeral poverty
  2. Influencing government to do more for people in funeral poverty
  3. Working with the funeral industry to do more for people in funeral poverty

Join our campaign here

 We are members of the campaigns below too.

Through our projects we have seen the amount of people who need our services despite being in paid work rising. Work, it seems is no longer a sure-fire way out of poverty, as the incidence of in-work poverty is on the rise. The Living Wage campaign makes sure that companies and organisations are paying their workforce not only enough to be legal (the minimum wage) but also enough to be able to live on. We signed the pledge to pay anybody who works for us enough to be able to live on.  Find out more here.

The Who Benefits campaign is one that is close to our hearts. In certain sections of the media, the portrayal of those who are in receipt of benefits has become rather narrow, negative. The Who Benefits campaign aims to give a voice, a face, and a story to the myriad people who are in receipt of benefits at one time or another in their lives. Find out more here.

We're supporting the Equality Trust's Make My Council Fair campaign that is supporting people who want to lobby their local councils for responses to poverty. We've written a guide for people who want to raise the issue of funeral poverty to their local council.