We all want to feel good about our future

But living on a low income for a long period can take its toll, not only materially but on how we see the world, assess our own abilities, and how we feel about the future. Low mood and mental health concerns are 2 to 2.5 times higher among those experiencing greatest social disadvangage compared to those experiencing the least.

Whether it be Homestore furniture that allows you to invite friends round to your home with pride for the first time; Made of Money giving you a sense of control over your spending - all of our projects have one thing in common, they aim to make you feel better.

This Way Up

Now, we have undertaken an innovative project, specifically to help those who feel unable to move on with their lives due to past circumstances or current difficulties. This Way Up offers people a course of one to one life coaching and group mindfulness practice to help them plan, make clearer decisions and move towards their goals.
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This is where QSA comes in. First, we work with mental health charities to guarantee that our services are suitable and appropriate for those living with mental health issues. In fact, our Haringey based project  Futureproof is partnering with MIND Haringey to give those with mental health issues a practical tool kit with which to begin understanding and managing their money. 

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