Testifying to the every day experience of poverty

Since 1867 QSA has delivered practical responses to poverty. To do this we listen to and respond to the needs of the communitues we work with to run sustainable and collaborative projects. We also share our work with others when it is clear that it has the potential to bring benefits to even more people.

Our projects:

Furniture - Homestore sells affordable, donated furniture to east Londoners on low incomes. Deliveries are free. 
Funerals - Down to Earth offers free practical support to anyone on a low income struggling with basic funeral costs. This work is national.
Fulfilment - This Way Up addresses the emotional toll of poverty.
Finances - Made of Money a financial education project that gets families opening up about money and building their skills in relaxed workshops We also deliver training across the UK.

Read more about what we do and who we have helped in our publications, and news stories.

Our work is funded through individual donations, and grants from quaker and non quaker trusts, and project- based public funding and a small amount of earned income. We work together with policy makers, trustees, staff members, volunteers, donors, funders, supporters and people living on a low income to find practical and innovative solutions to the problems that poverty puts in people's way.

Unfortunately, the problem of poverty is not going away, as you can see: 

We exist to help those experiencing these issues to  engineer creative and collaborative solutions that will last long after our involvement. Each of our projects embodies our belief in the power of people to change their own circumstances for the better with timely and appropriate support from us. 

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