Over 13% of the UK industry has signed our Fair Funerals pledgeIf we're going to make an even bigger impact, we need your help. By asking funeral directors in your area to sign, you can make a real difference to people in your struggling with the cost of a funeral. Funeral directors will always be interested in what people in their communities think – so you’re in a very strong position to influence the way they respond to funeral poverty.

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Speak to funeral directors over the phone or in person where possible. We encourage you to be positive and reasonable in your conversations with funeral directors - a strength of the pledge is our 'ask' to the industry is so reasonable. Click here for some tips on finding local funeral directors.

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We have designed resources to help you take action. It includes information on:
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“We’ve been grateful for an opportunity to do something practical that might make a difference. In the process we learned a lot about funeral poverty and spoke to some really compassionate funeral directors. We’re now exploring with one funeral director who has signed the Pledge what else we can do together to help people in funeral poverty. We have begun what we hope will be ongoing relationships with local people who care equally about people struggling to pay for a ‘decent affordable funeral’ for their loved ones”.
Caroline Tisdall, Beccles Quaker Meeting

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